Jordan (Dad) – He also goes by Mr. Fix It and The Fun One. We wouldn’t be on this journey without him. He can do it all, and if he can’t, he’ll learn. Jordan is a number cruncher by day and the website engineer and creator of all things DIY by night. He’s pretty easy going and always has a great Dad joke for the boys, but please, don’t encourage him to use them. The boys think he hung the moon and he is equally as captivated by them. He’s our rock and our realist, but he can dream bigger than you can imagine! His favorite part of RVing is that everyday is a new experience.

Brooke (Mom) – Also goes by… The chaos coordinator, co-pilot, the frugal one. She’s the deal finder, the route planner, the budgeter, OH and the one who totally likes to wing it! Except on holiday weekends, we plan for those. She would do anything for our family. Jesus is the only thing that brings her more joy than our little adventure crew. And she lives for the looks on the boys’ faces when Dad stays home. Her favorite part about full-timing is the time we get as a family.

Easton (Biggest Brother) – He’s sharp as a tack. This kid forgets nothing! We took a trip over his second birthday and he still recalls much of it in great detail. He also knows every gift he’s even gotten and who gave it him and why. He’s analytical and thinks about ever possible outcome and his favorite word is “why.” He’s the big brother and the protector and the one who will always come to the rescue, especially for his brothers. He’s the leader of the pack and if you don’t believe us, just ask him… he’ll tell you. He’s great at motivating his brothers to think his ideas are theirs. He’s the lover of the crew. And he’s always up for exploring a new place and his favorite thing is getting to meet new people.

Fletcher (Middle Brother) – He is Dad’s sidekick. They are two peas in a pod and he’d trade the world for five more minutes with Dad. He’s a fiery kid. More determined than anyone I’ve ever met and strong willed doesn’t begin to describe his determination. He’s fearless and an adventurer, game to try anything at least twice and the reason our grocery budget is through the roof. He’s the observer. He also only has one voice and it’s an outside one. He’s as diverse as they come He’s just as loving as he is certain of his choices and wise beyond his years. His favorite part of RV life is the constant adventures.

Graham (Baby Brother) – The boy lives life in the fast lane. He works so hard to keep up with his brothers and he does a pretty good job. We regularly get told, “Your baby is XZY.” We know. We know you think he shouldn’t be climbing a tree or Mount Everest alone, but don’t worry, he’s fearless and he’s got this. He’s just keeping up. He’s the life of the party and will do absolutely anything to get a laugh from the crowd. He’s adventurous and unstoppable. I know we joked about Everest, but it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if he comes back in a few years and says he’s going to climb it. Graham’s favorite thing about full-timing is the constant outdoor play.

Annie Oakley – The most loyal dog that you will ever meet. She was a rescue pup and perfect for us from the beginning. She’s always game for a hike or adventure and she lives for a good stick or tennis ball. She lets the boys crawl all over her day in and out and she could be the most fierce protector imaginable, should we ever need it.

Jessie James – She’s our short and stout Heeler. A friend took in her mom and dad without realizing that the mom was pregnant, so we swooped in and made her part of our family. Her and Annie are best buddies and they play tirelessly all hours of the day. Jessie is perfect for the boys to walk, because she’s slow and patient. She perfectly rounds out our family.