This sounds simple and it is. These are easy ways to avoid breaking the bank and still see it all. Or at least a good amount of it. Give yourself permission to spent x amount of dollars and then stretch them as far as possible.

No money outside your normal budget? That’s ok! These tips are still for you! We began traveling with our boys when transportation was literally the only extra thing we budgeted and we have still always had a fantastic time.

If you can’t leave your house at all, you just may love our post How to Adventure Without Leaving Home.


  1. Skip the tourist traps
  2. Pack snacks
  3. Plan lunch as your meal out
  4. Do the research to find the budget (or free) attractions
  5. Use Groupon or a similar site to save on any big events you plan
  6. Visit during shoulder season
  7. Use a fuel savings card or *fleet card*
  8. Plan trips around any membership(s) you already have
  9. Use big ticket attractions as gifts you’d otherwise buy something else
  10. Find JOY in EVERYTHING!

Do you have more tips to share? Comment and tell us what extra things you’ve done to stretch your dollars and make the most of your exploration!

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