We are full of adventurous spirit and a love for nature. Brooke has a little bit of a gypsy soul and wanderlust. Jordan is the rock. He’s practical. His dreams are just as big, but he executes them a little differently. Together, we wanted to show our boys that there is more to life than the area around our sticks and bricks home. Sometimes the unknown is exactly what’s needed and uncertainty and a change of scenery is the best thing for your soul. Our boys had traveled a fair amount already considering they were only one and three, but we wanted to show them more.

So… We purchased an older 5th wheel, as in 23 years older, to show them all there was to experience. AND an experience it has been. We quickly discovered the trailer needed far more work than we realized. We were prepared to repair and possibly replace the roof and repaint and graphic the exterior. Jordan wasn’t excited about a remodel, but that was definitely on the radar in the future as well. We didn’t realize how near that future was, but because of all the damage we found, it was just around the corner.

Before we knew all that, we knew we wanted to share our journey with friends and family, but after we realized the blood and sweat that was going into our new found “camper house” (as our kids call it) we knew we wanted to share our trials and victories with other like-minded people. We wanted to share the lessons that we learned the hard way so that not everyone else had to do the same.

The blog idea was born. There is more to traveling and the camper lifestyle than beautiful landscapes and fun Instagram posts. We’re here to share it all. Sacrifice, hard work, maintenance, scenery and fantastic memories are just part of the adventure. Cooking differently, downsizing, and the struggles of traveling with your kids and dogs are also the reality of this adventure. We’re all about transparency and the love of family and adventure being our guiding light.

We are blessed to have you on this adventure with us and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


The Drake Family