How to see it all without breaking the bank

We cover thousand of miles a year. Lately more like 10,000’s and we often take for granted everything we pack into our tight budget. I (Brooke) am the budgeter. I’m super frugal, but you wouldn’t know by browsing our adventures on our YouTube Channel. We regularly see amazing attractions, take epic hikes, and save BIG money on fuel all while making memories that most people only dream of.

Here are our FAVORITE membership that we encourage every traveler to look into.

America The Beautiful Pass

We have used this card at countless locations. The National Parks have fees and so do many of the National Park Sites. This little gem will get you in at no cost. Full disclosure here, the guided tours do have additional costs (see our bonus tip below on how to save even more on those too) but they have all been well worth it to us! We suggest that you purchase your pass at the park on the day you are going to use it to get the biggest bang for your buck. If you purchase your pass online in January and don’t visit a park until April you missed out on almost 4 valuable months to have it simply sit in your wallet.

TSD Logistics Fleet Card

We have fuel fleet card at no additional cost to us. In fact, it saves HUGE! We save anywhere from 20 – 60 CENTS PER GALLON! It’s such a big money saver for us that it has it’s own post to break down the details so you can take advantage of the program too! Click Here

If you apply for this program, we would love if you’d use “The Camper House” as a referral.

Good Sam Club

If you are going to stay at a park the Good Sam card is a great saver. At 10% of the nightly rate you have to do quite a bit of camping to make it pay off just on the campground discounts. BUT that’s not all. You also save 10% on most purchases at Gander RV and Camping World. When we ordered our all in one washer and dryer we saved $90! That alone paid for the card almost three times so we look at the few bucks a night we save at campgrounds as a bonus!

ASTC Member Pass

This membership has provided to be a fantastic deal for us. It’s another one that we love so much that it has it’s own post. Our kids are great at traveling, but we all need to take a break and stretch our legs and we try to plan our stops around ASTC member facilities whenever possible. To find out how we spent just $78 to get access for our whole family to this fun for an ENTIRE year you can CLICK HERE.

Bonus Tip

Make sure to have you school ID

Whether you are a homeschooler or public schooler, make sure you have your student and staff ID available. Many places give discounts for school staff and students. We regularly save a few bucks with this little tip! Many of the national park tours offer a student and faculty member discount. We’ve also found many places like movie theaters offer $1 off too.