We like to find local events that are specific to each area we travel. This is also true for Montrose, CO where we are currently stationary.

The Covered Bridge Ranch

The Covered Bridge Ranch hosts some wonderful activities for kids and adults. We attended their “Pumpkins at the Covered Bridge Ranch.” They have a slew of activities geared towards kids, of all ages, from the end of September to the end of October. We went with a home school group and the kids got to pick a pumpkin with their admission fee. We spent the good part of the day here tried everything they had to do. They also host “Christmas Trees at the Covered Bridge Ranch” from the end of November to the middle of December. They have a whole Christmas tree farm where you can go and pick out your own tree. There are fewer activities to do during this time since most everything is outdoors but it is a cool experience if you are in the area. Check out their website for more information, dates, and events.
We haven’t par taken in the tree Christmas experience, but another travel mom, Mountain Boy Mom Adventures posted a video of their family cutting theirs just a week of so ago. HERE is the link if you’d like to see her experience.

How do we make a Rear Living Room Fifth wheel work for a family of 5?

When we found our current fifth wheel it was not at all what we had planned. We looked at bunkhouses and toy haulers and yet somehow ended up with a trailer that only slept 2. We immediately knew we needed to change something up and had a great idea. We removed the two recliners and put the couch in the slide where the chairs had been. We had the perfect amount of space at the back to put a Metal Twin Daybed and we already had two twin mattresses from the boys bunk beds. We found a daybed that would fit the space and we now had room for both boys. In all honesty it’s easier than having smaller beds. the boys always had separate beds and yet prefer to sleep in the same one. If we had the smaller “single” sized bunks they wouldn’t be able to. We have the trundle available when one of them decides they’d like a little more space or simply doesn’t want to share.

Now that we had the bed part covered we needed to take care of the “door.” We opted for a curtain hung on PVC pipe. The boys “room” opens to the living room and it’s great that we get take advantage of the giant windows during the day with the curtains open, but we close them in the evening at bed time or through the day when necessary. It gives us the most of our space while also giving us function.

Supplies for curtain rod

2 – 10′ sticks of 1″ PVC pipe
4 – 45 angles in 1″
2 – closet bar holder end caps
1 – 1″ T fitting
1 – can leftover black spray paint
4 – packages curtain slider rings
4 – panels of curtains
JB Weld epoxy
PVC cement

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