Finding Activities In A New Area

Sometimes it can be hard to find activities to do when you are new to an area as a full-time travel family. We have found the Facebook Events tab has a lot of great activities. You get the opportunity to find local events on there and experience an area like a local. Lots of times there are plenty of free family events.

We used the Events tab on Facebook this weekend when we didn’t know what to do. Sometimes it is impossible to plan out every single detail and you just have to wing it or other times you need to find an activity in a pinch. Facebook Events tab is the place to go. This is where we found out about the craft fair happening at the Ute Indian Museum. The craft fair wasn’t much of an interest for us but what caught our eye was that there was free admission to the museum that day. Budget Travel Hack! It was extremely busy because of the craft fair but it was pretty cool to check out. It doesn’t have much to offer for young kids. Most everything is in glass cases and there isn’t much hands on. We enjoyed wondering through and checking it out though. The boys loved the Teepees outside! Living our life in the moment allows us to change things up as life happens. When you travel with kids, you have to be flexible.…

By using the Events Tab on Facebook, we also were reminded of the Christmas light parade later that evening. Brooke texted some friends to see if they were available to go and it turned out they had a float in the parade. They invited the boys to ride a long on the float with them. Our boys were ecstatic!

A Time To Give

Every year during the Christmas season, we try to find an Angel Tree and get a name or two off of there. While we don’t live an extravagant life, we are very blessed with everything that we have and we don’t go without. We want to teach our boys the importance of giving and the biblical principles behind helping others out as much as we can. This year our boys really enjoyed picking out some gifts for two brothers who were close in age. They found these perfect Meccano Erector sets for them!

Do you smell something burning?!

It gets cold in the winter here in Colorado. Even with a great furnace in your RV, sometimes you need that additional heat source. We use an Oil Space heater like THIS. BUT mainly we use our electric fireplace that came in our RV to keep us warm in the winter. It does a nice job of supplying that supplemental heat to help with the rv furnace. Something to keep in mind throughout the winter months is the humidity and condensation that accumulates when you are stuck inside and run a gas furnace. To help combat the condensation we us a small but powerful dehumidifier. Check out the Frigidaire 30-Pint 1-Speed Dehumidifier.

Well one evening, we smelled something burning. After some light detective work, it was determined to be the fireplace. We decided not to risk a fire and removed the fireplace. The electrical board had started to melt and the outlet looked a little melted itself. See our vide on outlet replacement below where we tackle this melted outlet.

We needed to find a replacement soon! Luckily, we were able to team up with the great people at to find a replacement. Be sure to check out the following video on the install of our new fireplace.

Our week started out pretty rough! We love our RV Life but you still deal with everyday life! The boys woke us up early Monday morning with a stomach bug! Even with our lovely Splendide washer/dryer combo, you can’t keep up with sick kids. Brooke needed to get loads of laundry done quick. The campground we are staying in has a small laundry room that helped us out in our time of dire need. Sick kids make for a rough week! Luckily it only lasted a couple of days!

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