We rarely travel separate, but this week I (Brooke) had to travel “home” to spend time with a friend due to some life events. While I was back on the Front Range, our two older boys spent that day with Jordan at the office. All three of them enjoyed the day together. It’s not all fun & games working in an office, but Easton was ready to hop on payroll and go with Dad daily. They packed plenty of snacks, toys, and movies to last everyone the day. The boys were very well behaved and even demanded Jordan take them out for their 15 Min breaks. This was great for Jordan because he usually works a 9 or 10 hour day straight through. They even got him to take an hour lunch to go play by the pond. He usually doesn’t leave his desk for lunch, let alone go explore outside!

If you didn’t catch the tour of the factory where he works, be sure to check it out. The Ross & Abel Fly Reel Manufacturing tour appears in a weekly video. The factory tour starts at 13:50 if you aren’t interested in the rest of the video.

Back to the Rec Center

We hit the local Rec Center again. We planned to swim, but when we got there and the pool was closed we had to roll with it. Luckily, they have plenty of other activities available and nothing else was closed. The boys played at the indoor play set and Easton climbed the rock wall while Fletcher and I played shuffleboard and foosball. We’ve said it about a dozen times and we’ll say it again for the people in the back.

GYMS ARE A GREAT RESOURCE! They are a great place to play indoors when you need it, they often have free or super cheep child care AND they have UNLIMITED HOT WATER FOR SHOWERS!!!

We have a lot of firsts, but this one takes the cake.

Have you ever been locked INSIDE your RV? Brooke and the boys have. We had been having some issues with the lock not unlocking with the key sometimes. I (Jordan) ended up breaking a key off in the outside lock before being able to get it to open during a previous jam. It worked fine after that… until now. Brooke called me while I was at work but I wasn’t able to leave right away. She managed to take the lock apart from the inside with the few tools we had inside. By the time I got there, she was free and had ran to Affordable Trailers to pick up a new lock. We really wanted a keyless lock, but it was more than we wanted to spend and nowhere local had them in stock so we went with the standard replacement lock. If you are in the Montrose area and need any part for your camper or any other trailer, head over to Affordable Trailers.

We travel with tools, lots and lots of tools.

We’ve been stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night with two kids and two dogs and only three tires on the truck. We waited HOURS for a tow truck that was big enough to haul us and our trailer. We spent part of the night and most of a day in a diesel repair shop in the middle of nowhere, the day before Thanksgiving. Oh, and did I mention that we were 650 miles from where we were supposed to be?

So now we travel with tools. More tools than many people in and S & B have. It may be overkill, but we make it work. We dove into tool storage in this vlog. I (Jordan) love my tools and I am probably carrying WAY too much. I like to be over-prepared and organized with my tools so that in the event something goes wrong, I have the means to fix it. It’s only happened a few times. We will see how much purging I do once we hit the road. I don’t have a tool box on my truck, so all of our tool storage is inside the camper right now. I wanted to go with something portable for our RV tool storage so that I could throw them in the bed of the truck if we were taking a day trip. I really liked the Milwaukee set of tool boxes. It is pretty pricey but it seemed very well built. We ended settling for the Husky brand tote. This set was less than half the price. It seemed well built, but not as sturdy as the Milwaukee. It has a 2 year warranty and if I have to replace it after that then I feel like I got my money out of it. We did add more storage with another interlocking tool box from Husky. The entire set all locks together so that you can roll them anywhere. We did kept a metal tool box that we had in our previous rigs. This allowed me to organize my sockets, screwdrivers, and pliers a little better and we don’t have to unpack if we only need the basic tools. If you are looking for the socket organizers I used, they came from Harbor Freight for only 99 Cents each.

What are your Go-To Tools?

Are there any specific tools that you just have to carry with you in your rig? What tools have you gotten rid of just because you have never needed it? Are there any tools you wished you would of had with you from the start?

We definitely don’t need anything else to haul, but what guy doesn’t love tools? Let us know what are you favorites in the comments below!

UPDATE: We have since added a toolbox to the bed of our truck and will do a more in depth video of how we have our tools stored in there in the near future.

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