Winter RVing is not what most people think of when you say RVing or camping. If someone does have a thought, it’s usually in relation to snowbirds. Lastly, people think that you a holed up inside when the snow flies. Not us!

We got our first snow!

The Boys were ecstatic! We dug the snow gear out of our trusty vacuum zipper bags and out they went. When you have limited storage space it makes it hard to have clothes for every season so we get creative. We use these bags for gear that’s out of season, pillows, bedding, and anything we have to save that takes up a premium space!

If you would like to snag some of these for yourself, check them out HERE. And remember, they come in an assortment of sizes! We have also used THESE BAGS from Dollar Tree. They are NOT the quality of the others and are much smaller, but they are a decent option for the price.

Even though it is literally freezing outside, smoothies are a go to snack and breakfast. We finally took the plunge and got a Vitamix Blender. Brooke has had her eye on one for years and we finally found a fantastic deal on a reconditioned model. Sticking to our budget is very important to us, but this blender is a game changer. We keep minimal kitchen gadgets and we absolutely made room for this guy. You can click HERE to see the reconditioned model that we found. Check back with Vitamix often to find the model you want reconditioned because they aren’t always in stock. Refurbished ones even come with a standard 5 Year Warranty so you can’t go wrong!

We make smoothie packs and they are incredibly handy for travel days. Dump your liquid and frozen smoothie pack in the blender, flip it on and your done. Clean up is a quick rinse and a drop of soap. Flip the blender back on and another quick rinse later the blender can go back into the cabinet.

To update, or not to update? That’s not really a question.

The tan and black backsplash was never a favorite part of the RV for Brooke. She’s had plans to ditch it since before we picked the RV up. If you are looking for an easy DIY way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom area, then there is nothing better than Tic Tac Tiles. These are super easy to put up. Be sure to clean the area where you will be applying the tiles thoroughly so that the tiles will stick. The tiles are easily cut with scissors or a utility knife for the perfect fit, no need for any special tools.

We love the way these tiles spruced up our kitchen area and it is a great way to put your personal touch on your rig and not break the bank. We’ve had them up for about 2 months now. We do have one small mark on the backsplash behind the coffee bar. We have no idea how it got there, but with three kids you can use your imagination. They have held up beautifully and in the event that we change rigs or decide to update with something else, we will absolutely use them again.

We did finally get around to the backsplash behind the coffee bar. You can see that update in this vlog. It was a doozie to get the other backsplash off!

We are presently stationary in Montrose, Colorado. One of the local churches hosts a fall carnival on Halloween. Kids get to dress up and play games. We had two knights and a friar. The boys loved to play the games and even have a couple pieces of candy and some popcorn.

If you ever find yourself looking for food in Montrose, Colorado we have the place for you! Colorado Boy Brewery has been our go to spot for pizza and locally brewed beer for many years. If you are in the area you must stop in to have a pint and pie.

We finished up our week by heading back to the front range to celebrate our youngest boy’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! We wanted to go back and have a party with all of our family so we could celebrate together. While at the party, Brooke’s dad broke out his DJI drone for a little flight. He let us try it out to see how we liked it because we know we eventually want to get one. He has the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This thing was so much fun to fly and we now know it is a definite must for us in the near future. We’ve been looking at the Mini and we’d love to hear your thoughts on any drones that you have experience with.

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