Just as with any travel plans, things change. It’s typically out of your control and you have to adjust on the fly. That’s ok. That’s part of what makes travel great. The spontaneity forces you to reroute and stop in places you never would have chosen for yourself. Here are some fantastic ways to explore. While you physically being outdoors may not be an option, here are some great ways to adventure without leaving the house.

RV Adventure The Camper House

Cincinnati Zoo Facebook Live (Weekdays)

Each weekday at 3pm EST the Cincinnati Zoo is hosting a Facebook live. Each day their will be a different animal star and an easy project to complete with supplies found around most homes. Just visit their Facebook Page to tune in or catch videos you’d like to replay. If you don’t have access to social media that’s no problem. You can visit the Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari page and check out all the videos or catch any videos that you’ve missed.

Photo credit Cincinnati Zoo Facebook video.

If you feel so compelled, the zoo does rely heavily on ticket sales to care for animals and team members and would love for you to donate if you love the resources they are providing. $10 is much cheaper than admission for your whole family!

Take a Virtual Hike

Thanks to Google’s Street View technology you can visit sites across the globe.

Great Pyramid of Giza

Roman Colosseum
Stand Inside

Taj Mahal

Sydney Opera House


International Space Station

New York City Street Art Murals

Can’t get enough Google Street View?

Check out the Street Art Tour

Shedd Aquarium (Chicago) – Penguin Encounters

Typically you can meet a penguin here and it’s pretty pricy, but right now it’s FREE. While the facility maybe shut down to patrons it’s busy as ever inside. Staff is making sure to keep days interesting for their residents. Their colonies of penguins and even a porcupine has been exploring the entire facility. The best part, YOU can check them out on Shedd Aquarium’s Twitter.

Photo credit, Shedd Aquarium video.

While I’m certain that mail will be delayed, you can adopt your very own animal at Shedd Aquarium.

If you are looking for other places to explore as soon as this lets up,
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