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Brooke recently had the opportunity to sit down with Penny of Travel Loving Moms. Penny is the host of Travel Loving Moms podcast and an aspiring van-lifer. She is the sweetest mom and it was an absolutely gift to get to chat with her. Not only was she interested in learning about our travel style, but she’s interviewed so many other moms that she’s a wealth of knowledge for US and global travel. We’ve been discussing a trip abroad as a family and she was my go to gal. She may not have all the answers, but she’s networked with a multitude of moms globally and will always connect you with someone who does. That is invaluable when you are looking for help from other moms. Especially when it comes to travel!

I was dubbed “The Cheap One” for our chat. If you are just joining us, budget travel is my thing and she wanted all the tips and tricks iI could share.

Want to hear our chat with her? CLICK HERE to listen to our podcast. Make sure to check out her other guests too. You may just find some great travel tips!

Meet Penny, the voice behind Travel Loving Moms…

Hi, my name is Penny Messer and I am a single mom to a mini me, literally, named Willow. I currently work full time while building my podcast and business, I’m a dreamer and a freedom seeker in my life and the life of my daughter.

My parents raised my brother and me to do as they did. Which was to work, buy a house, get married, have kids and retire. Not in that particular order. They never had dreams to do or be anything other than what they were doing right then but I’ve always felt that there had to be more in life than what my parents as well as society told me was the way to live so I grew up thinking out side of the box and doing things different than others. I was trying to make my way in life which was not always doing the right things. I made many bad choices and did a lot which I regret, but am thankful for them because I survived, I’m stronger for it and it has brought me to where I am today. 

My daughter and I want to travel the US full time in an RV or Van, I’m obsessed with the van life but an RV would work just fine too. Why do we desire to travel? Well as I said before my parents never had dreams or at least they never expressed them, anyway I do and I’m instilling it into my daughter to dream and be a freedom seeker not to live like everyone thinks you’re suppose too. Jobs are not guaranteed, marriages are not guaranteed, houses are not guaranteed, money is not guaranteed but dreams are with you forever. They live inside your heart and your mind until you finally get to pursue them or die trying.

That leads me to “WHY?” 

I started my podcast Travel Loving Moms it’s because I know that now is the time that I get serious about pursuing my dreams so I can live a happier, healthier and freedom lifestyle. It’s time for me to get off the hamster wheel that society says I should live on. The podcast is a passion project for sure. I wanted it to be a way for me to learn from other moms who are experiencing what I want to experience and living the life I want to live so when it’s my time to step out I’ll have a better understanding of what it’s like and it gives them a platform to share their story with others. 

I love how the podcast has opened my mind to other possibilities of travel because the moms have been so diverse with their travel styles but their all the same because they share the common denominator of being a mom and I love all that. I talked with a mom traveling in Russia, one who was in Vietnam, one in Guatemala City, one in London and so many more. Some travel in an RV, travel part time, full time, on the weekends or just around town. I love the variety and I believe that this podcast will help other moms just like myself who want to travel to know that they can do it. The moms share their story, tips and advice with us about how they travel with their children. None of the shows are the same. They may be similar but they aren’t the same. 

There are quite a few apps that you can download to listen to a podcast. I use Anchor to record, edit and host my podcast. It’s free and easy to use. I also recommend Spotify to listen to podcast on. It’s free too although they do offer a paid membership but the free one is great. You can listen to a podcast anywhere you want. It’s like listening to a book but with real people talking either solo or interviewing others, like I do. 

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