Regardless of it you live on wheels or in a sticks and bricks there will always be curve balls.

We bought a new truck at the end of September and we still have temporary tags. Yep, it’s January and I need to go get our tags this week! You’ll see here that we tried. This is also the first time we tried. After the third try and trip to the DMV where we are moving our registration to, I just gave up and made the dealership send me another tag. We were trying to register the truck in the county our family resides since we don’t have a physical address anymore and we wanted to ensure we got the reminders when it was time to renew. Many counties also consider us homeless because we are house-less. We aren’t sure exactly where the ball got dropped with the dealer and it really doesn’t matter, but our paperwork was never sent to the county so there was no record that we owned the vehicle even though we had all the paperwork in hand. I’m not sure how that works, but apparently with a dealership it can happen. The dealer did own up to the issue and much more importantly they eventually submitted the paperwork! We are headed out for 3,000 mile loop in just a couple weeks and it’ll be our first long haul with both the rig and the truck.

Who doesn’t love grocery pick-up!?

Brooke tried out the new Wal-Mart Pickup for our groceries. This works very similar to the way other grocery pickup services work. You place your order online or through the app and pick a time-frame that you can pick the groceries up. You will then get a notification that your order is ready. Through the app you can then tell them you are on your way and this enables the GPS tracking. They will literally know when you are pulling into the parking lot and will be outside waiting with your order. If it’s a busy store they do ask you tell them what you are driving. Brooke is a sucker for deals. Wal-Mart was running a deal for $10 off your order if you did the pickup. Who doesn’t love to save money?! Full disclosure, Brooke does enjoy picking up her own produce and this is only helpful for items that you know you like. She reads every label as she shops so it’s not helpful if they aren’t usual items and some of the items don’t have a correct nutritional label or any nutrition information available at all online.

BUT… The real saver here is the time! If you are in an unfamiliar area it can take a ridiculous amount of time to find your groceries. Even worse, every area has such different options that sometimes it’s a struggle because they simply don’t have what you are looking for. While we love a local farmers market, we don’t love wandering around Walmart for hours and this takes care of that issue. BONUS, you can even add Deli items and pick them up for lunch on the go!

Backsplash Install

We finally get around to installing the Tic Tac Tile backslash behind our coffee bar area. It’s only been a couple weeks since the first part was put up. Important things like family time, kids, and travel got in the way so the sticky tiles sat on the counter cluttering up our rig. We finally got tired of looking at them so up they went. If you didn’t see the original install, you can check it out our previous post HERE. These are super easy to install. Make sure that you clean the surface well to remove any oil or debris. Place the tiles on the wall before pealing the back to check for fit. Trim with scissors. Peal the back off and place your first tile in the corner of the area you are covering. The rest goes quickly and easily. There are a bevy of designs available to be the perfect fit for any decor. We used these gray subway tile. They also come in the same design in WHITE SUBWAY and maybe one day we’ll get to put them in another rig!

It’s Winter. In Colorado. AND IT’S COLD!

Since we are stationary this winter we knew we needed to skirt our trailer. If you’ve followed along for long you know that we also knew that we’d be moving occasionally and wanted skirting that was easy to remove if necessary. We had skirted with foam insulation board in the past and it was effective, but it wasn’t pretty and it’s not something you can easily remove and reapply. So this year we had a bit of a splurge for custom skirting. Being the budget savvy DIYers that we are, we found a cheaper way to achieve fantastic results. All the material for our skirting finally arrived and we had a beautiful weekend to get the job done. Check out the full install video and post here. We include all our resources and some tips for making your install quick and as budget friendly as possible.

The skirting is working beautifully and we are staying toasty warm, our propane bill decreased and our feet aren’t freezing as we walk across the floor in the early morning.

You can visit our skirting post for all the product links here.

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