Becoming Full Time RV Family - The Camper House

We’ve been full-time again for a full three weeks. We have three little boys and two dogs. Wonder what it’s like to live in roughly 400 square feet with all that? It’s like a jack-in-the-box. There’s fun music and a little winding up and then POP! There are toys and clothes everywhere, a little screaming, and then we pack it all back in nicely to do it again. In short, we love it! Clean up takes no time at all. We have less stuff, more family time and are living much more intentionally.

Our new fifth wheel is more amazing that we could have imagined. We have a full sized pantry, more storage that we could possibly use and it’s standing up well to the chaos of constant rounds of chase around the island.

We have some great things coming up.

* We will be skirting the camper and we found a great way to SAVE BIG MONEY while doing so.
* We are changing up the inside. Keep right here to see our renovations as we get them done. This RV is not set up for a family, but we’ll have it that way in no time!
* How can we afford to travel? Tips and tricks to making this life work for us.
* What do we do for work?